The history of the REMONTOWA HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is to a great extent the history of the Hydroster Company.

The beginning of the Company took place in the year 1945 and started with production of the ship ropes for the ship industry. Then the Company develops in Gdańsk as a unit of several independent plants with clear specialization in hydraulics and implementation of the new technologies.

Since 1964, the company has also the Production Plant in Prabuty, at which before the war there was a sugar factory (see photo - 1915). Today we have a modern machine park with stations for hydraulic tests here.

As a only one in Poland, the Company has started the production of the steering gears and bulkhead watertight doors, designed mainly for the shipbuilding and offshore industry, as well as screw pumps used in refineries, power plants and chemical and civil engineering complexes, as well as screw pumps used in refineries, electric power stations, chemical and industrial complexes. In our production offer there are also hydraulic cylinders of special purposes i.e. with snap and cylinders of the wall casings used in the mines. In the year 1999, the Company was privatized and actually acts as a Company with limited liability of production-service speciality. The main share-holder of the Company is Remontowa Holding S.A.

Since November 2014, REMONTOWA HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is a new name of the Company, which for over 70 years specializes in manufacturing of the precise machines and appliances with use of the drives and hydraulic controls.


HYDROSTER Sp. z o.o. zmienia nazwę na REMONTOWA HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o.

Uprzejmie informujemy, iż z dniem 12 listopada 2014 roku nastąpiła zmiana nazwy spółki HYDROSTER Sp. z o.o.