About us

REMONTOWA HYDROSTER SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. is the new legal name of the HYDROSTER Company acting in the structure of the REMONTOWA HOLDING S.A. The Company from above 70 years develops its own experience in the complex products, which require the manufacturing precision, especially in the hydraulic drive units and hydraulic controls.

The precise production, export on the markets of the whole world, world wide service 24/7, teams mobility and simultaneous character of the conducted services, non-typical implementations require the highest quality of knowledge, experience and perfect management.

Basic profile of the Company is:

  1. Designing of complete hydraulic drives and controls comprising:
    • design
    • production
    • completion
    • delivery
    • start-up
    • service

Our products:

  • bulkhead water-tight doors
  • hydraulic cylinders for standard and special use
  • hydraulic drive units
  • piston and rotary steering gears
  • low - and medium pressure screw pumps

We offer services in the range:

  • repair of the appliances basing on the own spare parts stock
  • modernization of the existing hydraulic systems
  • machining services
  • Cr, 2xCr, ceramic coatings
  • regeneration services (among others stitching cold repair method)

High qualification of the crew

Large production potential, 200 persons employed, high qualification of the crew, the own design-technical back-up facilities and service that allow to play the significant role on the domestic market as well as to be effective, competitive partner on the foreign markets. A wide assortment of the products used in the shipbuilding, offshore and offshore industry: metallurgy, mining machines, petrochemical installations, supplies in thermal-electric power stations as well obtaining more than 120 patents and protection certificates for own constructions may confirm the technical level.

Guaranted quality

Depending on the client’s requirements, our products may be manufactured according to the rules and with approvals of the all major control institutions and Classification Societies. Every product is checked and certificate of the Company’s Quality Control is issued. Since the year 1995, the Quality Management System the ISO 9001:2008 standard is obligatory in the Company.

Quality Management

Customer’s advantages achieved from products and services delivered by us, are the measure of the Quality Policy effectiveness in our Company

In 1995, the Company established, documented and implemented the Quality Management System, the compliance of which with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and AQAP 2110: 2016 was confirmed by the Quality Certification Center of the Military University of Technology. This Certificate was gained not for us, but for our Customers – possession of this Certificate and its confirmation by audit every year forces continuously improvement of the system and the quality management in order to fully satisfy our Customers needs.

The Quality Policy of our Company warrants fulfilling the requirements and improvement of effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Purpose of our Quality Policy we want to achieve by:

  • Solving the problems of our Customers in a way they expect
  • Systematic improvement of the Quality Management System to ensure compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and AQAP 2110:2016 and other applicable requirements
  • Reliability and responsibility of each employee to the Customer
  • Improving of our products according to expectations of our Customers
  • Strengthening our market position by quality of our products and services
  • Priority to quality in every action of each employee
  • Participation of employees in improving of conducted processes
  • Fulfilling the requirements of occupational safety and health
  • Reducing the impact of our activities to the environment
  • Employees professional development
  • Knowledge and compliance to the objectives of Quality Policy by all employees

The current Quality Policy was established on 02/01/2018 and approved by the President of the Management Board, Mr. Grzegorz Schulz.

The Quality Policy of our Company is understood, observed and analyzed due to its permanent usability – and constitutes the base for rational management.


History photo

The history of the REMONTOWA HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is to a great extent the history of the Hydroster Company.


The beginning of the Company took place in the year 1945 and started with production of the ship ropes for the ship industry. Then the Company develops in Gdańsk as a unit of several independent plants with clear specialization in hydraulics and implementation of the new technologies.


Since 1964, the company has also the Production Plant in Prabuty, at which before the war there was a sugar factory (see photo - 1915). Today we have a modern machine park with stations for hydraulic tests here.

As a only one in Poland, the Company has started the production of the steering gears and bulkhead watertight doors, designed mainly for the shipbuilding and offshore industry, as well as screw pumps used in refineries, power plants and chemical and civil engineering complexes, as well as screw pumps used in refineries, electric power stations, chemical and industrial complexes. In our production offer there are also hydraulic cylinders of special purposes i.e. with snap and cylinders of the wall casings used in the mines.


In the year 1999, the Company was privatized and actually acts as a Company with limited liability of production-service speciality. The main share-holder of the Company is Remontowa Holding S.A.


Since November 2014, REMONTOWA HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is a new name of the Company, which for over 70 years specializes in manufacturing of the precise machines and appliances with use of the drives and hydraulic controls.